Washington Montessori Public Charter School

Washington, NC

Our relationship with the Washington Montessori School has blossomed over the years and brought many K-12 opportunities to design spaces that enhance student learning and collaboration.

The high school first needed an addition west of their existing building to accommodate for student growth. With our experience designers and architects, we built a 19,296 square-foot wood-framed addition to the campus. This $2.7 million project included six open classrooms, a large lecture hall, a working lab, a kitchen, and full-size basketball court that could hold up to 150 occupants.

Our most recent conquest was designing their middle school. At $1.7 million, this new and improved space includes five open classrooms, a large lecture hall, office spaces, and an outdoor patio area, but the real star of this space is the indoor arena-style classroom. Unique to a traditional public school, these additions help create a space that is user-friendly for all students, visitors, and staff.