Jefferson Blount-Harvey Building

Greenville, NC

The Jefferson Blount-Harvey Building is a two-story Colonial Revival style with Art Deco elements. The exterior construction is masonry with a mono-slope roof and the basic shape of the building is rectangular.

Many of the architectural features of the building were demolished or damaged during the 1960s renovation. Those elements include: structural columns, windows, terracotta frieze, medallions, scuppers and turrets. Interior features of the building include the chimney, interior steel and brick columns, wood flooring and pressed tin ceilings.

In the late 1960s a brick skin and structural steel was added on the exterior overtop of the original façade. The brick skin was removed at the beginning of phase one to expose original façade to determine extent of rehabilitation needed. All interior and exterior elements were restored to their original appearance.

The project is featured on the North Carolina State Historic Preservation site as the model example on how best to renovate a historic structure.