Durham County Information Technology Department

Durham, NC

Located on the 5th floor (and former mechanical attic) of the Durham County Administrative Complex, is a very unique office space that is home to the Durham County Information Technology Department. This 13,321 square foot interior renovation included an overall interior upgrade and modernization of all systems furniture, lighting, and finishes. Two small kitchenettes were added for employee comfort and convenience including instantaneous water heaters at each of the two new sinks. The floor was redesigned for align with the IT Department’s new workflow and program. Secure entry points with card access were incorporated throughout. A new computer work bench area was custom designed to handle the extreme amount of wear and tear from the rebuilding and testing of County-owned computers and workstations. A state-of-the-art teleconferencing room was designed to be as “future-proof” as possible. Spare racks for future A/V equipment and spare conduits for future cabling were provided. To align with the mission and identity of its tenants, an overall high-tech aesthetic was incorporated into the design.