Mani Medina-Markham

Mani Medina-Markham

Marketing Manager

Having grown up in Little River, SC, Mani studied both Psychology and Business at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, and Marketing from The University of Phoenix. Mani has an Associate’s degree in Applied Science and Digital Media (Graphic & Web Design) Diploma from the School of Communication Arts. Mani further expanded her knowledge by working for the School of Communication Arts before moving on to the world of healthcare. For over a decade, Mani cultivated an intimate, working understanding of marketing within the healthcare industry as the Communications Specialist for The Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence (CCME). Mani has also freelanced for several high-profile clients, including CreatiVisibility, Clinical-Insights, LLC, and NC Healthcare Information & Communications Alliance, Inc.

In her capacity as Marketing Proposal Manager with MHAworks, Mani’s primary responsibilities lie in ensuring that MHAworks’s responses to Requests for Qualifications accurately reflect our relevant experience and company culture, as well as adhere to any specifications set forth by the inquiring entity. Mani is also key in assisting in other marketing endeavors, such as direct campaigns, website SEO, in-house database maintenance, and content creation.

When she’s not employing her graphic design skills on the next big submittal, Mani can be found doing something crafty – making jewelry, DIY decor for her home, and costumes. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Shaun, and their two sons, Christopher and Brandon.

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