MHAworks Sponsors T.A. Loving Tonka Truck Toy Drive for Vidant Children’s Hospital

December 22nd, 2015

Just in time for the holidays, MHAworks sponsored the T.A. Loving Tonka Truck Toy Drive for Vidant Children’s Hospital in Greenville, NC. The toy drive strives to bring joy around the holiday season to patients and families being treated at Vidant Health’s James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital.


A quick history and summary of the origins of this great charity are found below.
“In 2011 while T.A. Loving was building the Children’s Hospital at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville NC the workers kept noticing that many of the children being seen in their existing Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit kept peeking out of the windows watching the jobsite. Over time the construction workers made friends through the windows. The nursing staff also noticed that the desire to watch the “Tonka Trucks” on the jobsite helped motivate the children during their treatment. As Christmas approached the construction workers wanted to do more. We met with the Administrative staff of the Hospital and asked if we could bring toys for the Children and with their acceptance a tradition was started. Within weeks people from across the state and country had sent in hundreds of toys and several thousands of dollars. This has continued every December since then.

The gifts and donations that each of you provide go directly to the patients and the patients families being seen at the Children’s Hospital. As you can imagine the parents with children in the Hospital do not have the time or energy to do much Christmas shopping and for many of them strapped with rising medical bills, spending money on toys and gifts is not an option. For those families we provide them with the gifts that we receive from you. Those gifts go to both the patients and the patient’s siblings since on many occasions the brothers and sisters of patients spend their Christmas right beside their siblings hospital bed.” –(


It has been an honor and privilege sponsoring this great cause. If you would like to donate please log on to and click the big red DONATE NOW button.