MHAworks Welcomes Natalya Anissimova

September 17th, 2018

Hailing from Kazakhstan, Natalya Anissimova joins MHAworks as a Intern Architect. She possesses a deep understanding of each facet of a new construction and is able to anticipate exciting design challenges. Natalya obtained her Bachelor and Master of Science in Physics from St. Petersburg State Technical University in St. Petersburg, Russia. She would go on to work as an assistant of interior design at numerous design studios in Kazakhstan for several years before traveling to the United States to study architecture. Having received her Master’s degree in Architecture at Ohio State University (where she also worked as a graduate teaching assistant), Natalya went on to perfect her skill sets by working as a lighting and architectural designer at firms in California and North Carolina.

As an Intern Architect with MHAworks, Natalya is┬áresponsible for assisting and collaborating with the project managers and project architects to construct renderings and to identify structural logistics of new constructions. Most of her experience centers on residential work, but she has also helped design multifamily and commercial structures. Natalya is well versed in a variety of architectural rendering softwares, as well as the Adobe Creative Suite. When she’s not exploring design options for a client, one can find Natalya spending time with her teenage daughter or studying sewing and fashion sketching techniques. Natalya is an animal lover and practices a healthy lifestyle.