MHAworks Honors Toni Hill

May 7th, 2018

MHAworks would like to take the opportunity to honor and celebrate the life of Barry Hill‘s wife of 45 years, Toni Coggins Hill, who passed away on Monday, April 30th.

An early pioneer of MHAworks, Toni, together with Barry, sacrificed much and took on an immense degree of risk to maintain and support the firm, in times of both prosperity and difficulty. She always kept a positive outlook and was forever supportive of her husband and the company to which he has devoted so many years. She knew that Barry has always believed in MHAworks and held that belief just as strongly.

Joining the likes of Toni on a list of very special people to MHAworks are James Gordon, T.J. Land, and Ken Trivette and their wives, all of whom helped build the foundation for MHAworks and to set us up for our current successes. Without these individuals, we would not have MHAworks. From all of us at MHAworks, we thank Toni and continue to celebrate her life.

Toni is survived by her husband Barry of Durham, NC; their 3 children Russell Coggins Hill and wife Cana Laurel Gyongyos Hill, Paul Barrett Hill, and Mary Deese Hill and wife Sara Elizabeth Schuyler; and her first grandchild, Ethan Oliver Gyongyos Hill.