MHAworks Attends Ronald McDonald House Beam Signing Event

October 10th, 2017

Albi McLawhorn and Dani Hoff of MHAworks Greenville joined board members of Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina and other guests at a beam signing ceremony for the new addition to the existing house. Guests signed the bare beams of the unfinished addition before construction crews cover them with wall paneling. This act symbolizes the community’s efforts in bringing this project to fruition, and serves as a testament to the charity’s success.

The Ronald McDonald House of Eastern North Carolina, one of nine located in the state and one of over 360 worldwide, is located across the street from Vidant Medical Center and Maynard Children’s Hospital, allowing families to spend more time with their child throughout the treatment and healing processes, as well as to interact directly with their clinical care team and to remain directly involved in important medical decisions.

The 10,000 sf, two-story addition will include seven new bedrooms, a new laundry room, and a board room, to be used a communal gathering space for special events. Also to be included are additional kitchen space, a play area, a pantry and storage space, and a spacious “donation center” consisting of offices, restrooms, and a public parlor. A special feature of the addition will be the adult relaxation space, which will allow parents to keep an eye on their children through wall-sized glass windows on both ends, looking into the play area.

In a tremendous act of generosity, Greenville TV and Appliance has made arrangements for all appliances at no cost to the Ronald McDonald House. Engineering Source of NC, PA also saw to it that filtering systems and other features be upgraded at no charge. Phyllis Flye, construction consultant for Ronald McDonald House, asserts “our eastern North Carolina community is making our dreams come true.”

The addition is estimated to cost about $4 million. The board is currently collected the remaining funds by way of a capital campaign.

Toma Rogers is the project architect, with Angela Phinx working as design support and project manager. The expansion began in May 2017 and will wrap up by the end of the year.

More information and photos of this event can be found in The Daily Reflector.