MHAworks Attends Chatham County Development Briefing

August 31st, 2017

Team members from MHAworks attended the Chatham County Development briefing on the morning of Wednesday, August 30th, hosted by the Chatham Chamber of Commerce. Michael Hining, George Hining, Toma Rogers, Angela Phinx, Julia Brewer, and Scott LaPorte were among over 100 attendees, ranging from local business members and developers to city and county officials, all there to discuss potential plans for the future, as well as how Chatham County has progressed economically.

The event began with a full networking breakfast. Following the program’s commencement, sponsors, Chamber Ambassadors, and Chamber staff were recognized and asked to speak briefly to their involvement in Chatham County’s development. Michael Hining expressed gratitude for MHAworks’ involvement and for the recognition of MHAworks’s Gold sponsorship.

Among the various developments discussed were Briar Chapel’s continued growth, the arts council’s activities, and addition of two megasites to Chatham Park – the all new Penguin Place and Mosaic developments. MHAworks currently services clients in both Briar Chapel and Chatham Park.

The Development Briefing was highly informative and a great success. MHAworks looks forward to attending the 2018 conference.