Would you like cheese with that?

February 16th, 2016

The wine is here, thanks to ONEHOPE!

As of today, we have been fortunate enough (with the assistance of ONEHOPE Wine) to have all of our refreshments donated. These fine bottles are from One Hope Wine whose mission is to benefit various charities with the end goal of bringing a positive impact to the world.


“We started ONEHOPE in 2007 with the goal to give back to various causes year-round. All of the founders were under 25, and we had little more than a dream and a storage unit filled with 168 cases of wine. Today, ONEHOPE is a lifestyle brand with a world-class vineyard in the heart of Napa. Our cornerstone product, wine, is produced in collaboration with Rob Mondavi, Jr. We make a measurable impact with our charitable partners through every product in our family of brands. To date, we’ve been able to donate over $1.8 million from the sales of our products.” – Jake Kloberdanz, CEO and Co-Founder (about)