Interiors Attends Triangle Evidence-Based Design Forum

April 13th, 2018

Jennifer Turner, Mandy Pittman, Sam Meyers and Emily Gaines of Interiors recently attended an evidence-based design seminar presented by Little Architecture. The purpose of the seminar was to cultivate a team of Triangle evidence-based designers to share knowledge regarding healthcare design, and to encourage Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) among interior design professionals. EDAC is the process of making informed design choices based on the built environment and on credible research to achieve the most desirable outcomes. Included in this process are the following eight steps:

  • Define evidence-based goals and objectives,
  • Identify sources for relevant evidence,
  • Critically interpret relevant evidence,
  • Create evidence-based design concepts,
  • Develop a hypothesis,
  • Collect baseline performance measures,
  • Monitor implementation of design in construction,
  • Measure post-occupancy performance results.

Emily Gaines is an EDAC-certified professional, and the rest of the interior design team is well on their way to earning that certification. Many healthcare facilities are moving towards utilizing Evidence-based Design (EBD) in their projects.  However, EBD is more than simply a current trend. It is a paradigm shift in the design process by which decisions concerning the built environment are driven. Using EBD to influence the design of a healthcare facility results in significant positive impacts for patients, staff, and visitors.

Individuals can become EDAC certified through the Center for Health Design.  Having an EDAC-certified professional on a project team ensures that existing research is interpreted appropriately and effectively to achieve a successful project.