Alicia Hylton-Daniel Joins Preserve Durham as Board Member

June 29th, 2017

Project Manager Alicia Hylton-Daniel has recently been asked to join the Preserve Durham board, an organization focused on preserving the historical and aesthetic integrity of the Bull City. Alicia hopes her involvement with the initiative will directly benefit the community, as she has been a resident of the Old North Durham neighborhood for 18 years and has developed a strong love for the city. Alicia says, “I am most interested in being involved with efforts to maintain historical neighborhoods and to bring awareness to what these neighborhoods once were, are, and could still be today.” The beloved Bull City is constantly growing and evolving, and Alicia, along with the other board members, will ensure that throughout this development, Durham’s historical legacy will not be forgotten.

Membership the Preserve Durham Board is a prestigious accomplishment, with only three other individuals inducted in June. Alicia is honored to be among those ranks, and MHAworks looks forward to seeing the fruits of her involvement.

For more information on Preserve Durham, and to learn how you can get involved with the initiative, visit