Pandemic-Ready Services


In today’s pandemic world, the subject of healthy interiors is at the forefront of our global community.  The result is an increased focus on indoor air quality, proximity space planning, and rigorous cleaning protocols–all essential in ensuring the safety and well-being of those who have returned to the workplace.

Now there is a new normal in workplace interiors – one that will continue to evolve in response to potential threats. According to researchers with the World Health Organization (WHO), as the human impact on the natural environment increases so will new infectious diseases. As we move forward, pandemic-ready design will be essential to the resiliency of the workplace.

MHAworks is now providing knowledge-based office design services to assist our clients not only with providing a safe working environment, but also creating adaptable spaces that are pandemic-ready for the future. Our team of interior designers can assist with a wide range of services to create a safe workplace, including space planning, modifying floorplans, reworking paths of travel, and installation of protective screens.