Construction Administration

With over 30 years of experience in Construction Administration (CA), our approach is to collaborate closely with the contractor and owner of a project to ensure the needs of the client are met through thoughtful design and quality construction. Given that the contractor, owner, and designer are acting as the construction team, our role is to provide contract documents that adhere to particular ordinances and codes, and to assist the other team members in the documents’ execution.

Our Process

During construction MHAworks visits the site as needed to ensure the project is staying on track. This allows us to aid the contractor in solving any problems and ensure that the construction process is going as planned and gives the owner confidence that design team members are actively involved and know what is taking place during the different stages of construction.

Monthly progress meetings are held to allow the general contractor to update the owner and the architect on the progress of construction. Our design team is present at all meetings. and allows the general contractor the chance to ask the design team members questions directly. The number of meetings can be increased, if required, depending on the work that is going on in the field. All shop drawings, Requests for Information (RFIs), and other items the design team is expected to review will be discussed. These meetings also allow the owner to express any concerns about anything that they see occurring during the construction phase of the work.

Once we have received the contractor’s punch-list, we set a date with the owner to attend a final walk-through with our design team. The building will not be turned over to the owner until all regulatory requirements have been fulfilled, and the punch-list items completed. The owner and architect must be satisfied with the final condition of the building prior to the owner inhabiting the spaces.